30 things at 30: #6 do proper cartwheels

i have some frustrations during my pep squad training days, including not being able to perfect my cartwheels. maybe i just gave up too soon. but getting out of the squad doesn’t mean i can’t learn and do things anymore.

last saturday, i was in the mood to try new stunts under the sunset sky of boracay and suddenly felt the urge to do cartwheels. i told my husband that i will do three cartwheels in a row and i did it! not once, not twice, not thrice! but many, many times! i had to do it again and again to confirm that i didn’t just get lucky the first time. it’s been a while since i last tried to do a cartwheel because trying keeps me frustrated.

still, my cartwheels are not always perfect each time i did it but i definitely improved a lot. i actually surprised myself by letting my guard down and deciding to just do it.
what i did perfect was my headstand the following morning. and by perfect, i do not mean just holding it long enough for a photo. i was able to hold the pose for minutes and without shaking. ahhh… i wish i could always be this strong in order to try more stunts in the future.


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