enough is enough

i guess i spent most of march waiting until it’s officially summer that’s why i felt my days that month were stretched. meanwhile, i couldn’t believe that april is about to end already. watching the month go reminds me of catching the last seconds of a sunset–i wouldn’t dare blink once or i will surely miss it.

the past two months have been wonderful. thinking about it, the year has been generally awesome so far. and i like how i have been writing enough to aid my memory. not everything is published here but yes, i have been writing enough. and though the days were not all too perfect, i have written recollection of no matter how the rest of my days went by, i still sleep with a smile each night. (and thanks to my husband’s project 365, i am reminded of the main reasons behind my smile.)

i also find haiku helpful in my goal of writing enough. it’s amazing how sometimes, all i need are 17 syllables to express how i feel. thanks to tyler knott’s daily haiku on love and my research sibling ana’s occasional haiku, for inspiring me to write my own haiku. i think i was in fifth grade when i last made a haiku and it was an impromptu one about a tree during a class recitation, haha.

the past two months also both had a share of my fasting, which was primarily about all things being just enough. and i do like this version of myself enough these days.

i guess my first lesson this year is something like the positive version of the idiom “enough is enough.” only there is no such counterpart idiom, hehe. but of course, even the notion of enough is relative. hmmm… so maybe i can ask for just a bit more? kidding, hihi.

to having and doing enough, y’all!


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