to dancing enough

family and friends who know me well know how much i love dancing. i am not the greatest dancer but dancing is just something that i do almost by default. i am also not much of a performer–yes, i am a shy kid at heart–but i have always liked to move it, move it. sadly, i haven’t been dancing enough the past few years (in the same way that i haven’t been writing enough). but i think i just made a personal record of most dance hours in three weeks.

last march 15, i registered for a one-month unlimited dance pass at acts dance and arts academy. my pass expired yesterday, but i have not been attending classes since april 4 due to conflicting schedules. looking at my class card, however, makes me happy because the record shows that i have been to a total of 25 classes (a mix of kpop, femme hiphop, hiphop, diva, jazz funk, contemporary hiphop, lyrical hiphop, and break dance)–that’s 25 hours of dancing, y’all! this is quite an achievement for someone whose only wish is to perform one dance number each year since 2008, haha.


so, what did i learn from those 25 classes? aside from various dance choreography (now mostly forgotten except for girls’ generation’s i got a boy, haha!), here are some of my takeaway from the coaches:

  • do not rely too much on the mirror. – coach kheng
  • it is better to chase the beat because the beat can’t chase you. – coach diane
  • feelings are more important than the steps. – coach apple
  • just dance. enjoy it. – coach adam
  • always add flavor to your dance. – coach dice

and practice, practice, practice. – myself (of course, i am my own coach, right? hehe.)

in addition to dance lessons and lessons on being a better dancer, i also got bruises as souvenirs from coach diane’s and coach apple’s classes, haha! i actually missed this happy pain that i used to get during my dance troupe days in high school and street dance and pep squad training days in college.

dance school is also more enjoyable this time because i get to be classmates with my hubby, hihi. we plan to take ballroom dance classes in our 40s, haha.

i still wish i can enroll for a full semester next time in order for me to join a recital. i’m considering either ballet or contemporary hiphop for a full course. for now, i guess i will have to be contented with our company’s weekly zumba sessions and acts’ saturday kpop dance classes.

ending this post with my favorite quote on dancing of all time:

“great dancers are not great because of their technique. they are great because of their passion.” -martha graham

to dancing enough this year, y’all!


2 thoughts on “to dancing enough

    • go! let’s be classmates on saturday kpop classes! :D

      actually, the process of getting those bruises hurts more than the bruises.

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