500 miles

today marks the 500th day since our wedding day. we were surprised we already hit another milestone in our married life. we should have finished a dance choreography for this version by sleeping at last of the proclaimers’ i’m gonna be (500 miles), but as we didn’t feel our 500th mark would be this soon, the choreography can wait. for now, i just love listening to kim sing this song to me, as if he wrote the lyrics himself.

but i would walk 500 miles / and i would walk 500 more / just to be the man who walked a thousand miles / to fall down at your door…

when i wake up / well, i hope i’m gonna be / i’m gonna be the man who’s waking up to you…

and when i’m dreaming / well, i know i’m gonna dream / i’m gonna dream about the time i had with you… <3


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