30 things at 30: #4 date a classmate

that kim and i were never classmates is one of our frustrations. we attended different elementary and high schools, and universities. we also came from different towns, and spent most of our boyfriend-girlfriend years apart. at one point, we became so frustrated about the distance that we ended computing the time we spent together versus the length of our relationship–about 14 percent. nevertheless, we still managed to keep the love throughout our long distance relationship phase.

so how can we be classmates when i was taking up journalism and he, chemical engineering? i would love to take chemistry classes but kim’s parents weren’t supportive of him transferring to a university in manila. sometimes, kim would just sit in my journalism classes and pretended we were classmates, haha.

then we thought of enrolling in a dance class together because we both love to dance. but aside from the distance, our conflicting class and (later on) work schedules made it hard for us to do so. while still in college, we also planned to attend a summer dance workshop in up diliman but because we both ended taking at least one academic class each summer, it just couldn’t happen. moreover, kim would have to travel to and from batangas just to attend the dance classes if ever we pushed through with the plan.

it was really only after the wedding that we were able to again look into the possibilities of the two of us being classmates because finally we can spend most, if not all, of our free time together. however, most of the dance classes near makati are still in conflict with our schedules. we were so close to giving up and taking cooking classes as plan b, when i learned about acts dance and arts academy‘s one-month unlimited dance class pass. this was the same studio where we attended a one-hour kpop dance class in 2010.

we checked the schedules together and figured we can squeeze some time for the classes during our days off, yay!

and finally, last saturday, kim and i became dance classmates offically–with class cards, y’all! the instructors and our other classmates were a bit kilig when they found out we are husband and wife. looks like we’re the first dancing couple in school, hihi.

here’s to more dancing together.


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