flashback friday: the diary series, random entry #2

during our just-friends phase, kim and i often talked about our crushes. but later on, he confided that he only talked about other girls with me to see if i would show even the slightest hint of jealousy. of course, i didn’t pick on that because i was so dense.

anyway, i just remembered that i copied my favorite sms exchanges from kim when i retired my alcatel mobile phone in college (when we were already a couple). because he was my only constant textmate in high school, that phone was practically full of messages from him from when we were just friends. i laughed so hard reading these text messages in my diary.

it was prom season but we don’t have such in our school. so kim had been asking me for days to be his date to their school’s js prom. but i didn’t take his invitation seriously and instead told him maybe he just didn’t have the guts to ask his crush to be his prom date.

my baby is so pikon, haha!

february 20, 2000

ako: ano? natiope ka na naman ayain yung crush mo? (6:32 p.m.)

sya: ikaw nga date ko para matigil ka sa kakatiope mo. (7:02 p.m.)

sya: ide-date talaga kita. (7:12 p.m.)

sya: sa isang restaurant malapit sa tower of pisa tayo kakain tapos pupunta tayo sa madison square garden at manonood tayo ng nba game. tapos ihahatid kita sa bahay nyo dala ang jaguar ko. (7:37 p.m.)

sya: ganon tayo magde-date. (7:38 p.m.)

ako: ang yabang ha. (7:40 p.m.)

sya: bata pa ako para sa mga bagay na yan. pero pag adult na ako, liligawan kita. (7:48 p.m.)

ako: naku e panu yan? mahaba na ang pila. hahaha! (7:50 p.m.)

sya: bakit? wala naman yun sa kung saan ako nakatayo sa pila. yun ay sa kung sasagutin mo ako. (7:58 p.m.)



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