birthday celeb with friends

back at work after my birthday break, i had a healthy merienda party in the office. we had salads and pasta from juju eats. i also tried a variant of juju cleanse. in a scale of marielle to ana, how excited are you about the healthy food on our table? hahaha!
with my research sibs <3

the next day, i treated my college friends at krazy garlik in greenbelt 5. jupie got me this cake topped with 3-0 candles. way to make me feel really old, huh? dadu bought us a round of tea at the nearby coffee bean and tea leaf after. i love literally laughing out loud with these guys. they are among the best things from my college life and i’m so grateful that we still get to hang out like this years after graduation.

earlier, i met up with my gs gehls for brunch in shangri-la edsa plaza mall. we are slowly turning into the brunch club, heh. but because we were wait-listed at green pastures for more than an hour, it was already lunchtime when our orders reached our table. nevertheless, always a fun time catching up with these girls. also, welcoming back into the bunch our preggy sha!

to lasting friendships, y’all!


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