30 things before 30

my mission was simple: do 30 things before i turn 30. i did not have a list with exactly 30 items to tick off. what i have is more of a master list, which i know will just keep getting longer while i’m alive. it doesn’t really matter if i get to do things at a certain age, but i just really like making lists and ticking off the items.

in the end, this self-imposed challenge of doing 30 things before 30 made me appreciate my life even more. i didn’t imagine that i needed only 11 months to do 30 things, mostly for the first time. so i just can’t help but imagine what other things i could do in the coming years. the thought excites me to the hilt!

here’s a recap of the 30 things that i did at 29:

1. do a handstand.
2. try ballet.
3. travel with strangers.
4. go camping.
5. bathe in the rain.
6. own an instant camera.
7. try painting.
8. attend a craft party.
9. do something for a cause.
10. organize my very own arts & crafts corner.
11. try parkour.
12. cook his favorite dish.
13. teach.
14. have pink hair.
15. dress up as a fairy.
16. join a fun run with kim.
17. spend autumn in south korea.
18. take an outfit shot by the railroad.
19. visit a hello kitty cafe.
20. make doughnut from scratch.
21. diy a hooded cape.
22. keep a windowsill herb garden.
23. discover the art of handcrafted rubber stamps.
24. try to make california maki.
25. learn to bake.
26. become a contributor to an online publication.
27. try archery.
28. update all existing legal documents with my married name.
29. zipline.
30. use a real gun.

i did well, right? to 30 more things at 30!


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