30 things before 30: #29 zipline

i was supposed to try the zipline from gapyeong wharf to nami island but kim didn’t like to do it with me so we took the ferry to the island instead. back in the philippines, i successfully guilt-tripped him and he promise to try the longest zipline over the sea in bukidnon with me. we didn’t have the budget to make a trip there before my 30th birthday so i decided to make an introductory zipline experience in tagaytay instead.

i wanted to try the zipline at skyranch but they do not have the straps needed for the superman position. too bad because the view there would be perfect. so i found myself at good old picnic grove. kim was volunteering to accompany me but i insisted on doing it by myself because the course looks too easy. i’m saving my card and challenge him when we finally make that trip to bukidnon, haha.

the ride turned out slower than i expected, and too short! but quite an adventure for a first zipline experience. my favorite parts were: (1) the start, with all that excitement; (2) halfway through the ride, where i looked down and i realized that i was hanging up above a forest; and (3) the end, where i was thrown back the course for a photo souvenir, haha!

to more adventures, y’all!


3 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #29 zipline

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