30 things before 30: #28 married name

because i got married at 28, i had to tweak this item on my before 30 list from get married to update all existing legal documents with my married name, heh. i have been working on this since after the wedding but legal paper works are really just among the least of my favorite things in my human life. if not for the kilig that i get whenever i see my married name printed on anything, i wouldn’t even bother.

so earlier i was finally able to renew my almost two years expired driver’s license–the last that needed to be updated. my mother-in-law accompanied me to the land transportation office in batangas around 8 a.m. and i got my new license by 9:20 a.m.

i sort of unnecessarily pointed out to every personnel at the windows i was ushered to that i would be using my married name, haha. just so excited to finally tick this item off my list! and never mind that i was not ready when my photo was taken as long as they got my married name right. 20140130-185839.jpg

to never changing names again, y’all!


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