30 things before 30: #27 archery

i have been planning to try archery with kim at gandiva cafe and archery range in ortigas but we have been too lazy to travel there from makati for too long, haha. good thing that i learned about kodanda archery range in makati cinema square from an officemate.

and because i am already running out of time to complete my before 30 list, we finally decided to push through with our archer dreams earlier. look! i even braided my hair a la katniss, haha.

i have always loved bows and now i am liking a different kind of bow after just an hour of shooting arrows with it.

i hit the yellow area of the target just a few times but i wasn’t that bad. my instructor asked if it was my first time because she said my form was natural. or maybe she just wants me to play again.

to one day hitting targets, y’all!


2 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #27 archery

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