30 things before 30: #26 contribute

i secretly wanted to contribute something for drea and her creative friends’ creative online magazine. but browsing through katha magazine‘s first issue, i cannot think of a work of mine creative enough that it will land in their pages. so just imagine my excitement when drea invited me to write an article about traveling couples and make kim do accompanying illustrations for their january-february issue.

the invitation, however, came amid the preparations for our long overdue honeymoon in south korea. the night before our flight to incheon had kim finishing his illustrations; while minutes before we boarded the plane found me stringing the last words of my article. and one of the first things i did upon reaching our guesthouse in seoul was to check that drea got my e-mail with our collaborative work. she told me the drawings were cute, and the article was just a bit long.

she also told me that she would let me know what their editor/layout artist think. but i never heard about our article again and i didn’t have the heart to confirm if it will be used. anyway, being asked to contribute was enough an honor for me.

but then today, i learned that we actually made it to katha magazine’s third issue! thank you, baby, for doing this project with me!

do not miss pages 60 and 61!

seeing our laid out work made me think about all those young blood wanna-be articles i wrote and sent to philippine daily inquirer as a teenager that never saw print, haha. so, thank you, katha magazine, for finally making me feel what it feels like to become a contributing (creative) writer before i turn 30.

to writer and creative dreams coming true, y’all!


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