30 things before 30: #25 bake

this story is about how the universe conspired to give me something i want with all my heart. kim and i were checking out baking stuff at the landmark sale in trinoma last friday. he asked me if i really want to bake and if i think i will be good at it. i told him that i just really want to try baking regardless of my potential, haha.

the following morning, i woke up to a deal grocer subscription e-mail about discounts on baking classes at global academy in makati. i checked the deal and the counter showed there were still 11 coupons left and 32 hours for me to buy. the class schedule was a bit discouraging because sessions were on weekdays and in conflict with my work schedule. but i thought this was the universe giving me a last chance to try baking before i turn 30 in three weeks. so i immediately asked permission to take a day off from work and right after my boss gave me her go signal, i did not think twice and got the deal.

i, however, had a problem downloading my coupon on sunday because it was marked expired with a date note of january 10. but the thing is, i was able to buy the deal on january 11 and the classes won’t start until january 13 so how can it expire the day before i bought it and days before the class starts?! it turns out that the registration period for the classes was only until janaury 10. but why did deal grocer still have the deal up and even sent me an e-mail notification on the same day?

that made me sad the whole day and i prayed with all my heart that (1) global academy would still be willing to accommodate me, and (2) deal grocer would issue me my coupon even though it has technically expired. i even asked kim to help me pray.

by monday afternoon, i was able to get in touch with both parties and maybe realized that the situation was not my fault so in the end (1) global academy extended the registration deadline for me, and (2) deal grocer issued my coupon. woohoo!

so now, about the baking class. i signed up for the pastries course on tuesday. i learned to make pate a choux, cream puff almond nougatine, chocolate eclair, and churos con chocolate.
pastries galore

i also learned that baking can be a form of workout with the tedious procedures and heavy equipment for a tiny girl like me. most importantly, i learned that baking is really fun! you just have to have the patience for it.

i was able to sneak a selfie time with my first ever batch of eclairs and cream puffs while waiting for my turn at the frying station for the churos. because, pictures or it didn’t happen! chef almi

and here’s a photo with chef erika and my certificate, hehe.
with chef erika

thanks to karmela of global academy, and berna of deal grocer for attending to my problem. thanks to chef erika for being patient with the newbie me. and thank you, universe, because you made this happen. to our heart’s desires, y’all!


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