30 things before 30: #24 maki

i have always wanted to try making my favorite california maki but i always forget to buy the necessary tools and ingredients. and then of all the days that shopwise will run out of japanese rice, it just had to be on the day that i decided to finally try making california maki for our 151st monthsary. the show must go on so i had to do with ordinary rice. anyway, what’s a mission without a bit of challenge, right? i tried cooking the rice with more water to achieve some stickiness but the rice still came out a bit dry.

so here be my first set of california maki. they do not look perfect but still yummy as they should be. my husband also loved them and that is enough for me to declare this mission a success. but i promise to do better next time.

let’s keep rolling, y’all!


2 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #24 maki

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