kuya turns 33

i don’t really address my elder brother as kuya because i grew up surrounded by people, including my parents and elder sister, who simply call him by his nickname, eron (and later, eyon). but no matter, he is still my kuya and i have always looked up to him as my kuya. i was surprised that we only have a three-year age gap. it’s just that i have never pondered about that fact until now. in my head, he has to be at least five years older that i am, haha.

anyway, my brother is not much of a party thrower like me. so this year, his wife thought of giving him a surprise party. i have no other recollection of a birthday party for my brother that is why i am writing about it here, haha. the party was simple but we succeeded in surprising him and that’s what matters. it was also worth the effort if only for another family photo.

eyon's 33rd birthday

(not in photo: my sister who is now based singapore, and her husband who is working in quezon city)

i also had some rare camwhorage bonding time with my niece while waiting for my brother. i am surely going to miss this cutiepie!
aya and ninang

more snapshots from that day here.


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