30 things before 30: #23 rubber stamp

i have always wanted to try making one of those diy rubber stamps i stumble upon pinterest. and then i found at least two persons that i know who are trying this craft on their own. thanks to, drea, for encouraging me to finally try it out, too. she suggested that i get a basic xacto knife and cheap eraser block first and upgrade my tools if and when i become addicted to the craft.

i just bought a p120 maped xacto knife (which comes with two extra blades), and a couple of p12 erasers last night. and then i had some downtime at work earlier so i thought of trying to make my first ever rubber stamp. i was supposed to do a portrait of kim and i (based on this drawing from his project 365) but i messed up the me part so i just cut that part out. and here be the finished product–the first ever rubber stamp that i handcrafted.
rubber stamp

i know it’s not perfect but it’s not so bad for a first try, right? to getting better at this craft!


2 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #23 rubber stamp

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