1st wedding anniv road trip

we meant to visit the venue of our wedding every year, preferably during our wedding month. but november, and even december, last year became a bit busy that we did not manage to squeeze in a trip to talisay, batangas before 2013 ended. coincidentally, kim got sick during the christmas break and that was when we remembered that we still owe a visit to san guillermo, a healer just like saint vincent ferrer. so we decided to go on this long overdue wedding anniversary road trip on january 3.

from cuenca, our first stop was san guillermo parish in talisay, where we exchanged vows and promised a lifetime of togetherness. there was no mass being celebrated when we got there and there were only a couple of side doors open. it was quiet inside, save for the sounds of our footsteps, some birds chirping, and hushed voices of elderly women chatting on the far end of the aisle.
san guillermo parish

we knelt at the bench nearest the altar and prayed while holding hands. i was a bit overwhelmed with memories of our wedding day that i was teary-eyed by the end of my prayer. i had nothing much to pray for that day, though. all i managed to say was, “thank you, lord.” and the rest of my prayer was mostly spent sharing snippets of our wedding day in my mind with the lord. it was a beautiful day, our wedding day, and it was also a beautiful day that day. i really had nothing more to ask for.

we then went to club balai isabel, our wedding reception venue, for lunch.
lunch date

there was a wedding set up in the works when we got there and that made us think about our wedding day even more.
view from the gazebo

it’s been more than a year but some days we still stop and stare at each other. are we really married? did we count right the days we have been waking up next to each other? sometimes, a thing too good can be true.
club balai isabel

after our meal and a souvenir photo, we decided to extend our road trip up to tagaytay city. we accidentally took the laurel route, which was reminiscent of our baler and baguio trips, haha. in tagaytay, we stopped by a bazaar, where kim spotted the potted herbs for my windowsill garden. we also bought some goodies from bag of beans.
taal view

but we had to cut our trip short because kim was still not at his best health that day. we took the talisay route and made a last stopover in lipa for merienda before heading back to cuenca. hopefully, we can do this road trip again come november.

to infinity and beyond <3

“love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”
-antoine de saint-exupery


2 thoughts on “1st wedding anniv road trip

  1. “Sometimes, a thing too good can be true.” – Awww ♥ Happy for you and Kim, Bebi! ♥♥♥ to infinity!

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