of family pictures

my brother once told me he admires my sentimentality. he knows i keep things not because i am materialistic but for the memories i have attached to them. to someone who has a good memory, my fear of forgetting seems illogical. but in a world where nothing seems to stay the same, even our memories tend to change.

indeed, preserving memories is the primary reason that i love taking photos. and if there is one thing that i look forward during the holidays, it’s having the opportunity to take family photos. well, of course, next to actually spending time with them. but how else can i keep them all together in one place after the christmas break, right? and isn’t it amazing how a single photo can immortalize one moment and at the same time capture the memories prior, and even after, that moment?

looking at these photos taken on christmas day and new year’s eve reminds me that i am blessed with a wonderful family. and this is the only memory that i need in order to live through every single day of my life.

to family and good memories.


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