30 things before 30: #22 herb garden

i have barefoot contessa dreams that can’t come true while we’re living in the city. i can’t even go barefoot here, you know. the closest i can get to feeling contessa is to have a tiny herb garden in our unit. i was all set to go to manila seedling bank in quezon city after failed attempts in finding relatively cheap potted herbs in the city. but the universe was thoughtful enough to show kim this bazaar near summit ridge in tagaytay city during our road trip last weekend. we were able to score three seedlings for 100 bucks.

back in the city, kim bought pretty tin cans for my herbs. i’m lucky to have such a supportive husband, hehe. i transferred the seedlings yesterday morning and here they are looking (and smelling) pretty on their fifth day with us.

parsley, basil, mint


3 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #22 herb garden

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