november 2013

i tried to find time to write here more often but i have been busy making memories, doing stuff, organizing photos, and blogging over at not so bad, i guess. my november was mostly about the dream autumn in south korea trip for our 149th bf-gf monthsary and first wedding anniversary. but you already know all about that if we are facebook friends or you follow

spending autumn in south korea was also part of my before 30 list. another item off the list is joining a fun run with kim, which we did the morning of our flight to south korea. one day, two missions! also, during our visit to nami island, i was able to fulfill my dream of having a picture by the railroad, hihi.

i am also close to finishing my long-overdue hooded cape project, which is also in my list. watch out for my clothing line soon, haha!

meanwhile, my tbr pile progress is still slow but i have faith that i can conquer those books before my 30th birthday. i officially gave up on christopher moore’s a dirty job, to be replaced by joshua ferris’ the unnamed. i am almost done reading eliza victoria’s a bottle of storm clouds. and yes, kim and i are still yet to resume our haruki murakami sessions at night, haha!

other happenings the past month in photos…


family time <3


bonding with in-laws :)


kate and drea’s housewarming party ^_^


impromptu basketball and lumampao hiking :3


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