30 things before 30: #17 autumn in korea

i have always been in love with the idea of autumn–the colors, leaves falling, layered clothing, boots, and a little rain. i first experienced autumn in hong kong three years ago. i loved the weather during our stay there, especially because i was able to pull off my gossip girl-inspired autumn outfits. but our hong kong trip then was not so much about my infatuation for autumn than my childhood disneyland dreams. what i really wanted was to experience autumn in south korea. the country just looks especially beautiful in fall based on the korean dramas i have seen, haha.

and after a lot of dreaming, i was finally able to meet both autumn and south korea at the same time this month for our long-overdue honeymoon, hihi. thank you again to our generous relatives and friends who made donations for our fund during our wedding last year. you all made this happen!

now i am not merely infatuated with autumn. it’s official–i have fallen in love with fall (and with south korea!). i, however, was not prepared for the below zero temperature. not surprisingly, flurries fell two days after we got back in the philippines. we almost experienced two seasons in one trip!

more details and photos on this one-week love affair over at thealkimis.net starting with day 1.


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