october 2013

october has been a busy blur for me. i should really start taking some time off every day to write about things if i want to remember more. anyway, here are a few things i can recall from the past month:

  • our bowling team won first place on the level c category. let’s see if we can make it to the level b category next year, haha.
  • i got my hair permed again at tony & jackey. i have been considering switching salons after realizing they don’t get what i want. they do always give me a fab look but they just do what they want for you. any salon recommendations?
  • my mom was re-elected councilor in our barangay.
  • kim and i got our first christmas gift  from our now former neighbors kate and drea a day before our 148th monthsary. we also got a free stir frying pan from shopwise a few days after, heh.
  • i ticked off two items from my before 30 list:  (1) dye my hair pink; and (2) dress up as pixie fairy.
  • i am close to giving up on christopher moore’s a dirty job and thinking of replacing it in my tbr pile with joshua ferris’ the unnamed, which was lent by eliza. speaking of, i started reading her book a bottle of storm clouds on halloween, which is also the eve of the author’s birthday. meanwhile, kim and i are still yet to resume our haruki murakami sessions at night.
  • other happenings: my sibling ana’s indian treat for her birthday; movie night (plus diy tequila gummy bears) at home with my college girls and attempted stargazing at the rooftop; dinner with my gs gehls at bistro ravioli and then shooters at spicy fingers after; and a lot of eating out during a three-week workout hiatus that resulted in an inch wider waistline.

that’s all the bit of october that i can get off my head. i hope to write more (in order to remember more) this month.



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