here’s to life

i just had this random memory from my childhood. i was maybe five or six years old and i was crying because i didn’t want to die. i wasn’t in an accident or anything. as far as i remember, i wasn’t even hurt anywhere. maybe it was just a random thought about dying just as this is a random memory of that moment. but was that little girl in my memory so terrified of the possibility of dying.

i was home alone and i was crying while i  walked from my room to our terrace. i was murmuring in between sobs: “ayokong mamatay. ayokong mamatay. kung totoo ang angels, bantayan nyo po ako. ayokong mamatay.”

i can’t remember anything else. i don’t know what happened before or after i cried or how i eventually stopped crying. and i don’t know why i suddenly thought about this memory. maybe the universe is reminding me how my angels protected me that day and that i should be grateful that i am still alive today.

let’s all keep the faith and live.



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