30 things before 30: #14 pink hair

this was my first time to dye my hair. if i were still in college, i would have opted for a brown hue that is just a bit lighter than my normal hair and then experiment with bolder colors later on. but i never tried coloring my hair when i was younger because i didn’t want my parents to think that i was being a rebel or something. the same reason that i didn’t get a tattoo until i am married, lol.

so now, at 29, i decided to do this potential hair dyeing addiction backwards by starting wild with flamingo pink. i hope to stick with tamer hues after 30, haha. anyway, i got my flamingo pink hair dye from funky streaks. i don’t want to bleach my hair so i chose this hue that was supposed to give hot pink tint to my brownish hair. it took me about a week to warm up and do a test trip on my hair and then another two days to finally go all the way. i left the dye on my hair for only two hours because i was already sleepy last night. i wasn’t even able to admire the results until this morning.

the pinkness varies depending on the lighting but so far i love it best against the first rays of sunshine through our window in the morning, hihi. this was how my s4 captured this particular moment. the actual color, however, didn’t register. i will try to post a better picture of my pink hair next time but this is my first photo of it so i’m just leaving this here.
pink hair before 30


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