september 2013

september is usually one of my tougher months. it is when money becomes hard, people decide to leave–their homes, work, or loved ones, too many things happen all at the same time, and sleep escapes me. the past month, i had to consciously choose not to focus on the bad and just move on.

perhaps, the most beautiful thing about my september this year is that kim and i applied for and was granted tourist visas to south korea. our overdue honeymoon will finally happen just in time for our first wedding anniversary. to say that we are excited is an understatement. you can do a drinking game and take a shot every time we tell each other that we are going to korea and i am sure you will end up drunk every day, haha.

other notable september happenings this year include my dad’s 57th birthday, my soon-to-be goddaughter angel’s 6th birthday, my research sibling marielle’s birthday treat at nihonbashitei, our 147th monthsary, quite a progress on our team’s bowling scores, nights out with college blocmates (at kuppa in bonifacio global city) and former officemates (at aria in bonifacio high street), and last weekend’s campus journalism workshop.

ps little almi ranked 179th among 1,096 personal blogs in the philippines on top blogs last september 29. thanks so much!


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