30 things before 30: #13 teach

late last month, my high school’s parent-teacher association’s president asked me to be the speaker in a campus journalism workshop. the activity was organized in order to help the students prepare for the division schools’ press conference in october. at first, i was a bit hesitant to take part on the project, but i remembered my late high school english/journalsim teacher ma’am zara, and i thought she would be happy if i accept the task as a way of giving back to my alma mater.

so yesterday, i found myself nervously sharing my knowledge on journalism and trying to inspire these kids.

teacher almi

in action at my editorial writing, editorial cartooning and photojournalism class with 12 students.

i did not conduct the workshop alone. i was lucky that two of my former schoolmates were also willing to help. emman took charge of the feature writing and copyreading class; while val touched on news writing and broadcasting. of course, our former teachers were also there to cheer us on like they used to. aside from making sure we don’t get hungry the whole day, we were not expecting to be compensated but they insisted on their way of thanking us.

good old hs

with my former teachers, ma’am bravo (to my left) and ma’am la rosa (to my right), and schoolmates, emman (rightmost) and val.

overall, it was a fun, challenging, and fulfilling experience. this item may not be on my original list, but i am glad that i was given the opportunity to be a teacher for a day before i turn 30. i just hope the kids learned at least one thing from me.


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