august 2013

august was mostly about hubby’s birthday (a.k.a. my other birthday, hehe). we were so caught up with our celebrations that i almost ignored this blog the whole month. it has been quite crazy at work as well so i was all for just taking everything in and being in the moment instead of writing things down.

just how busy life has been? i was able to tick off only two items from my before 30 list and this was all thanks to being able to incorporate my goals with my birthday plans for hubby: (1) try parkour; and (2) cook my husband’s favorite dish.

i also didn’t make any progress on my tbr pile–i am still reading christopher moore’s a dirty job; while kim and i are yet to resume reading to each other haruki murakami’s 1q84.

other happenings this month include the company’s annual physical examination and bowling tournament, our 146th monthsary, my mom’s birthday, my parents-in-law’s birthdays, my niece aya’s birthday and my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary, bowling with college girl friends, get-together with my ex-gs gehls, evening kdramathons with hubby, a lot of eating out, and excessive shopping.


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