30 things before 30: #11 parkour

it all started when my husband showed me a video clip of a man doing parkour or freerunning. and what can i say? running, climbing, jumping, rolling and overcoming obstacles with ala ninja moves just look so cool that i have to try it before i turn 30. fortunately, i was able to score discounted class passes with parkour philippines at ultimate fitness gym in metrowalk. kim has been attending the class for a time now; while i tried it for the first time today.

as expected, i had so much fun during the roughly two-hour session earlier. i learned to do cat balance/crawl, monkey walk, supported precision handstand, safety roll, precision jump, safety vault and monkey vault.

we were not able to take enough photos and videos of each other because we were on different levels/classes. here are some clips showing what i learned that day:

precision jumps and safety roll:

safety vault:

not part of the day’s lesson but i also tried doing a monkey vault. kim was obviously not expecting me to make a successful jump that he wasn’t filming from when i started running. if you are so inclined, have a one-second clip of myself making it through the obstacle here, haha!
monkey vault

i want to learn more but classes are held on sundays only and i can’t make it because of work. please let me know if you hear of parkour/freerunning sessions on fridays or saturdays. thanks!


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