cooking for two: heart-shaped maruya

we got a bag of plantain bananas from my parents’ farm in the province during our last visit so i experimented on these fruits a bit. the simplest way to eat these bananas is to boil them first and eat them as is or dipped in sugar. of course, they can also be eaten raw. i have also tried making banana fritters. but my latest discovery is maruya, which i made into heart shapes for more love.

6 plantain bananas, thinly sliced (makes six heart-shaped maruya)
2 eggs
2 cup all-purpose fluor
1 cup brown sugar
cooking oil

must-have tool:
heart-shaped pancake shaper

1. in a bowl, mix the eggs, all-purpose fluor and brown sugar.
2. add water to achieve desired consistency of mixture.
3. on a plate, arrange the thinly-sliced bananas into a circle. the size should not be smaller than your heart-shaped pancake shaper.
4. pour enough mixture on the plate to cover circular banana arrangement.
5. repeat steps 3 and 4 to make a total of six circles.
6. cook both sides of your banana circles in a pan of heated oil.
7. cut into heart shapes using a pancake shaper.

you may top them with white powder sugar, whip cream, ice cream, chocolate syrup or berries before serving. enjoy!

p.s. the first time i tried this recipe, i served them as merienda to my husband like this, hihi.


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