july 2013, week 4.5

whew! july flew by even faster than june to make way for august. i feel like the next time i blink it will be christmas already!

just how fast? i was shocked that i didn’t have time left to tick off more than one item from my before 30 list: organize my arts and crafts corner. but i am looking ahead and feeling more excited that our new passports are here to help me accomplish some of the items in my list.

also, i’ve done a lot of reading over the past month, taking me a few steps closer to conquering my reading challenge, which i target to do before my 30th birthday. i finished paul harding’s tinkers, john green’s the fault in our stars, and chuck palahniuk’s lullaby; and i’ve just started christopher moore’s a dirty job this morning. kim and i are still reading haruki murakami’s 1q84 to each other, although we made slow progress this month.

other happenings during the last days of the month: (1) i hit myself with a kettle bell during core training on monday, which made me miss our zumba session yesterday. but i got the go signal to do kickboxing today. (2) the new cba was signed on tuesday, yay! (3) it rained so hard yesterday but i was happy to wear my new rain boots (from zara boys) for the first time, heh.


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