july 2013, week 4

monday surprise : my and kim’s new passports arrived on monday after we applied for them last june 28. my passport is still valid until 2016 but i just want to update everything with my married name before i turn 30. next month i will have my driver’s license renewed and after that i’m all done, yay!
mr & mrs atienza

rainy tuesday: we decided to postpone our movie date because of the rain and heavy traffic. we just watched pretty little liars, teen wolf, and kamui. also lots of cuddling, of course!

wednesdate: kim and i watched pacific rim courtesy of research sibling ana’s monitoring pass–thank you! kim was ecstatic about seeing it, hehe. i liked the co-pilot drift neuron sync thing. kim said he caught my mouth hanging open during the jaeger fight scenes, hahaha! i am easily amused sometimes, lol.

facial friday: kim and i have been breaking out so we thought of having diamond peel (with facial and mask) twice a month. here we are feeling fresh after our first session.

we also went to greenbelt and i decided to shop for him for his birthday. he also bought me something. we’ve been celebrating each other’s birthday like they are both our birthdays so we officially agreed that we have four birthdays every year: my birthday, his birthday, our bf-gf anniversary, and our wedding anniversary. this is because we really think of each other as each other’s half a.k.a. soulmate. in effect our birthdays are half mine and half his, and our bf-gf and wedding anniversaries are the birthdays of when our souls found each other and became one again, respectively. cheesy, i know. moving on…

staycation saturday: we went to the province and just stayed at the parentals. i organized my cabinet and gave away a few pieces i don’t see using again in the near future. we also attended the ribbon-cutting and blessing at the caltex station near our house. free lunch, y’all! the gas station is owned by an uncle of mine. in the evening, we visited my niece who was confined at the hospital for three days due to persistent cold and cough (she was discharged yesterday morning). i spent the night with the in-laws. we watched too much tv before sleeping: mmk, the voice, toda max and banana split. fyi: we don’t have a tv set in our makati unit so we catch up on tv during weekends in the province, haha!

family sunday: with my sis in sg and my bro busy with my sick niece, i was left to take care of my mom’s 59th (pre)birthday celebration. kim and i decided to just buy pizza, ice cream and cake. there was only me, kim, dad, my nephew and bro-in-law for the birthday song and blowing of candles; but my brother, sis-in-law, and niece arrived in time for ice cream. my sis later joined the party through facetime.

my mom was giddy about her instax mini photo. this was the first thing she showed to my brother when he arrived: “tignan mo. nag-picture kami kanina; developed na agad!” too cute!

we spent the night at kim’s again and watched the voice and gandang gabi vice before sleeping.goodbye, weekend!

i think we had a productive and relaxing weekend, huh? until next week!


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