145th-mothsary weekend

our weekend started with a long walk from kamagong street corner chino roces avenue to intercontinental hotel on friday. don’t ask, haha. unintentional exercise is still exercise so we are good, heh. anyway, we checked out gold’s gym at the intercon and we might sign up for membership next month.

lunch was at tokyo-tokyo, after which we checked out the model units for a new condominium building in the area. we just felt like dreaming that day. our first home. in makati. wow.

that much walking and dreaming definitely deserved a short break at the park, lol.

we had merienda at manang’s after and then dinner at home.

saturday was mostly spent at home. we just went out to buy new slippers–ellesse for me and native for kim.

we also had a pre-monthsary dinner date at krazy garlik. for a change, we had lettuce wraps and chicken barbecue pizza.

we spent our 145th monthsary (sunday) at the grocery store, haha. and then i went to work (oty even, boo!); while kim attended his second parkour class. kim dropped by the office and i managed to sneak out for our 7:38 p.m. photo (with me holding a handful of math problems, haha!).

because i got off late from work, we decided to just have dinner at the nearby mcdonald’s–cheeseburger, fries, and sundae!


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