30 things before 30: #10 arts & crafts corner

finally! after years of hoarding art and craft supplies, i was able to organize my little treasures in one place. never mind that i was able to afford a midrange cabinet only; i would have even made one myself, heh. i also put the cabinet at one corner of our unit to keep minimal distractions both to and by myself and my surroundings (a.k.a. my husband), haha!

on the top shelf (l-r): my ancient ipod mini and multifunction dock, rubber stamps and pads, calligraphy ink, postcards, pens and pencils, scissors, and rolls of decorative tape, fabric tape, paper tape, and washi tape.

the main workstation is divided into two parts by a foldable table, which when retracted doubles as a door. inside are rolls of fabric, various kinds of adhesives, and reclaimed jars. outside, you can see my pink sewing machine and the pink victoria secret puppy that serves as my pin cushion, heh. beside them are different boxes for fabric scraps, lace and ribbon strips, and essential sewing supplies. on the far left is my instax mini 8 bundle.

below the table is a pull-out drawer where i keep my notebooks, stick-on notes, envelopes, stickers, and labels. under the drawer is a mini-shelf with my other scrap kits and custom jewelry materials. below the shelf are my printer, scrapbooks and materials, and boxes of other artsy-craftsy stuff. finally, tucked at the side of the cabinet are my paper trimmer, canvases, and rolls of gift wrappers.

these are just the stuff i remember from memory, i am sure i have more in my own little arts and crafts corner… my own little world. ^_^


2 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #10 arts & crafts corner

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