june 2013

wow, my june flew by so fast! and much of the fun that made it so was from our 12th anniversary weekend.

another awesome thing about this month was that i ticked off four items from my before 30 list: (1) own an instant camera; (2) try painting; (3) attend a craft party; and (4) do something for a cause. kim and i also renewed our passport over the weekend, which is a pre-requisite for some of the items in my before 30 list.

as for my tbr pile progress, i am currently reading three books. i am halfway through paul harding’s tinkers and targeting to finish it within the week. kim and i are reading haruki murakami’s 1q84 to each other. i think we have chapter 10 for tonight, heh. i also started reading john green’s the fault in our stars, which was recently loaned to me by ana and was not in my original tbr list. other happenings this month:

  • saw two movies at the cinema: man of steel in 3d, and four sisters and a wedding. we liked the latter more.
  • i was too happy to stock on my body shop essentials, heh. next trip will be in three months. i also found this adorable panda eye cream by tony moly. for my reference.
  • kim and i worked on a short choreography of justin timberlake’s mirrors. i realized that i haven’t been feeding my passion for dancing because my body just can’t move like it used to during my younger days.
  • for my diy projects, i enjoyed putting velvet polish on my nails for the first time. i got myself the barbie pink hue for more, heh.
    image i also made a hair clip using fabric tape.
    image i tried making a puzzle page on our wedding album and it was not that perfect.
  • i did a marathon of awkward with kim. it made us reminisce our teenage years. we especially loved being reminded of those nights when we stayed at the mall parking lot until closing time, just dancing with his car headlights on.
  • i am still into my usual twice a week zumba and once a week core training but my diet was a bit bad. i have been enjoying staycations during my rest days for the past two weeks and that also meant eating a lot in bed, boo. i even made a fort out of our blanket last night, haha!
  • kim got me a super early 145th monthsary gift last friday, hihi. and i just want to say that circle skirts make me so happy.
  • little almi ranked 269th among 2,058 personal blogs on top blogs last june 24. thank you!

here’s to exciting times ahead, y’all!


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