30 things before 30: #9 doll for a cause

i wanted to do something for a cause before i turn 30, preferably an activity that will take up a bit of my time and involve some sweat. i remember signing up for a gawad kalinga project years ago but i got sick on the day of the activity. i already got my gk shirt then and was so excited i even altered it to snugly fit me.

so i was ecstatic when i found out that the theme of this year’s etsy craft party was crafting for your community. one of the activities was doll-making. each participant was instructed to make two dolls, one to keep and the other to donate to channel good’s girl matter project. the recipients are young girls who are survivors of human trafficking.

i was able to finish only the doll for the said project and i hope whoever gets my doll would like it. i was happy and proud that the first ever doll i made was for a cause. i spent roughly four hours (standing up!) making this tiny doll, no kidding! the venue was not well-ventilated so i was sweating by the time i finished it.

we were also supposed to make mini-mosaics for mmda’s children’s traffic park but the materials did not arrive on time so that activity was re-scheduled.


2 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #9 doll for a cause

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