30 things before 30: #8 etsy craft party

i was happy to attend my first craft party before i turn 30! i have never been invited to nor have i organized one before because i do not have crafter-friends to speak of growing up. it was also only recently that i heard about open-invite craft parties and i was curious as to what happens during such events.

you can just imagine how excited i was when i stumbled upon the announcement for this year’s etsy craft party. it was not just a craft party but an etsy craft party! just the thought of possibly taking home something from etsy was enough to make me sign up. although i was a bit hesitant about going to a party with and of strangers, i pulled courage from my recent travel factor experience.

i was not feeling very good on the day of the party and almost decided on skipping it. but this was not just another etsy craft party; it was also for a cause (more on this on my next post). so i still went to the event, albeit an hour after it has started. i was surprised that there were more than 20 participants and some had to craft standing up, including the latecomer me.

in one corner was the craft station and in the other, the snacks table. there were no formalities, just a short introduction of names whenever a newcomer comes in. after that, you are free to go to the craft station to get whatever you need. everyone shares whatever they brought to the party, including their knowledge on where to buy craft materials. those with online shops also exchanged websites; while some brought samples of their creations.

i was not able to take a lot of photos. i also did not make friends–just talked a bit with the four closest crafters beside me. i was not able to eat much. and i could not stay long to mingle with the other participants after. you can say that i did not make the most out of this party but just being able to make it there was already an achievement for me. i promise to do better on my next craft party, heh.


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