30 things before 30: #7 paint

as a kid, one of my favorite places in my maternal grandmother’s old house was the room under the staircase. it was where an uncle of mine kept his art materials. he loved making portrait paintings of the family and he was good at it. i wonder why he stopped. i didn’t have the chance to be mentored. i even got scolded whenever the elders caught me wandering inside that room. but i have always wanted to try painting. you know, just in case i inherited the genes for it.

anyway, i finally tried painting this month. i was even brave enough to do a van gogh in order to experience ultimate sipping and goghing at sip & gogh paint and sip studio, heh. what do you think of my super simplified version of his starry night? please be kind because this is my first painting ever.starry night


6 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #7 paint

  1. Very nice! I would love to do a Sip and Gogh night! How fun! I too, would like to learn how to properly paint. When I paint with my kids, their artwork always looks much better than mine, but I’d like to learn some techniques so that I could actually display my artwork instead of hiding it! Your painting is just lovely! Nice job! :)

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