30 things before 30: #6 instax mini 8

i thought of including one materialistic goal in my before 30 list and i chose owning my first instant camera for the spot in order to fulfill a childhood dream. i was five when i first laid my eyes on a polaroid camera and it was love at first sight. an aunt of mine who came home from the us brought one during a family reunion. i was bold enough to ask for it from her but she said it was not a toy, expensive, and only sold abroad.

i think that polaroid camera was also what first made me interested in photography. i eventually bought my first instamatic camera with my allowance in grade school. i have owned a couple of digital cameras since but my fascination with instant cameras remained. i almost got a polaroid pogo last year but i had to buy a replacement for my broken underwater camera first.

i have been eyeing fujifilm’s instax mini 8 for the past month already and was thinking of buying one for myself for christmas. but my christmas came too early when my husband bought one for me as an anniversary gift this month, yay! not only did he get me the pink one; he also bought a pack of film with hello kitty borders! he knows me too well!

i am so in love with this pretty little thing. i hope we’ll be together forever, heh. i now have only one item on my wish list for all my birthdays and christmases to come–instax mini film! dream come true <3


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