i-love-you day

my husband is not always a man of surprises (because in his excitement he always ends up telling me about everything) so it really surprises me when he does come up with a surprise. he managed to pull off one for our 143rd monthsary last month. i felt so special knowing how he squeezed in shopping and making a card on the same day after his work so i will surely not find out about it beforehand.

he sent me an sms around 6 p.m. asking me to meet him at my workplace’s lobby and bring my house keys because he forgot his in our unit. i was not able to read his message right away so i hurried down when i realized he might have been waiting for 15 minutes already. i found him sitting at the waiting lounge with a big smile. i went on apologizing that i made him wait and handed him my keys. he then told me he has his keys and that he just wanted to surprise me with these for our 143rd monthsary: surprises <3

i was blushing like a teenager as i went up the stairs and back to my workstation. inside was that berksha dress i liked but didn’t buy because i turned kuripot at the last minute. he also got me royce nama chocolates, which i happily shared with my research siblings. one of my sibs asked what i have for kim in return. i told him i wrote a letter in cursive, emphasizing how i even practiced the strokes.

but alas, kim also has a diy card for me pinned on our door when we got home after our dinner date. and not only does it come with a cursive note; it even has a drawing! love letter <3

at that point, i really became teary-eyed. i asked him why he’s being too sweet and if he surprised me to make up for something. he just smiled and told me that it was because our 143rd monthsary will only happen once. ahw. <3


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