30 things before 30: #5 rainbathing

sad confession: i was never allowed to play in the rain as a kid because i was sickly. no, getting soaked in the rain while at the beach or the pool doesn’t count. my mom even made me take a full bath whenever i get just a bit of rain water touching my skin. i grew up thinking that i could never bathe in the rain because i was afraid of getting sick and being scolded while sick. so i was content to make paper boats and have my siblings place them on the puddles while they have fun with the rest of the neighborhood kids. i just made up for all the fun that i missed by making mud castles or digging up worms after the rain, although these activities are also not mom-approved, haha.

but i vow to take a bath in the rain before i turn 30 and yesterday i had my chance. we were supposed to go to the beach when it suddenly rained so hard. we just know there is no way we could sunbathe in that weather and decided to rainbathe instead. my mom was also not around that time so i had the “it’s now or never” thought, haha! my uncle saw me getting soaked in the rain and was very supportive after i explained that this was my first time. he even offered his bike for my photo shoot. first rain-bath ever :3

and of course, no rain bath is complete without playmates, puddle hops, and a roof shower.rainbathed

this was also my nephew’s first time to bathe in the rain and i was happy to share the experience with him. we were getting chills already after just a few minutes under the cold rain water. kim, on the otherhand, had his share of rain baths as a kid so he was just fine. but he felt it was necessary for all of us to take a full bath and drink hot coffee after to lessen the likelihood of catching a cold. i guess he was afraid of being scolded by my mom if we get sick. so please just don’t tell my mom, hihi.


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