30 things before 30: #4 camping

i remember how much i enjoyed my first camping experience. i was in fifth grade and we were required to attend a one-week camporee as part of being pathfinders (seventh day adventist schools’ version of girl/boy scouts). i think it was the most eventful week of my young life. you know, pitching a tent for the first time and actually sleeping in it for not one but six nights, having to wake up even before sunrise to fetch a pail of water and line up for my turn at the bathroom, patiently waiting for whatever simple food (mostly tofu and veggie meat) the teachers planned for us, spending all day under the sun, and then stargazing every night, among others.

i have always wanted to go camping again but never did. some years ago, kim and i planned to invest in camping gears but somehow we found ourselves postponing camping-related purchases to buy a new gadget or book a trip somewhere. fortunately, travel factor‘s beach bumming calaguas trip that we joined last weekend involved camping. how’s that for ticking off two missions with one trip? hihi.

i was a bit worried that i would not enjoy camping this time because the mere thought of not being able to charge my gadgets or getting a cellular network signal bothered me. i also got insect bites from our recent almost-camping trip to cagbalete island in quezon (but that’s another story). nevertheless, i was ecstatic to go. i packed clothes, food and water good for two days, charged my two cameras and two mobile phones, organized a first aid kit, hoarded mosquito patches, and even bought a weather-proof flashlight.

and guess who turned out to be a happy camper? weather was cooperative, tent was comfortable even without beddings, food had variety and tasted good, there is water supply (though we are charged p10 per pail), and comfort rooms were not that bad but can be improved. it also helped that i had good company, and that the rest of the campers seemed nice overall.

to more staying all day under the sun and stargazing at night, y’all!sunkissed camper


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