30 things before 30: #2 ballet

i wanted to enroll in a ballet class as a kid but my parents said we can’t afford it. in college, i joined our pep squad and the training involved a bit of ballet. i least enjoyed training days that had ballet routines because i know that i will not be noticed as i was not good at it. i thought i was already old to start learning ballet. unfortunately, i only heard about adult ballet classes early this year. i searched for schools nearby and asked some friends who i know are into ballet.

a former officemate told me about this deal grocer promo for two trial classes of adult beginners ballet at halili-cruz school of ballet in quezon city. despite the distance of the school from makati, i did not think twice and immediately bought a voucher and signed up for april 19 and 20 classes.

i’ve always had the impression that ballet was hard. that’s why it is advisable to start learning it in childhood. so i attended the classes without any expectations for myself, which i think made me enjoy the classes more. despite the struggle to keep up with my classmates who have backgrounds in ballet, not to mention younger, i fell in love with ballet and wished i could continue taking classes.

but for now, i already felt accomplished having pursued a childhood dream and not limiting myself from trying something new just because my bones might not be up for it, haha! ballet


3 thoughts on “30 things before 30: #2 ballet

    • yay! thanks again, kc! :) i’ll check if okay yung schedule by june. summer class has wednesdays kasi e hindi na ako makakaabot because of work. :/

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