an eventful weekend

last night, kim and i was talking about how eventful our weekend has been. it started with our almost sleepless thursday night due to kim’s toothache. he was able to sleep for three hours tops, while i got just a few minutes of shuteye from time to time. i couldn’t get myself to sleep because my instinct was to check if kim was asleep.

so on friday morning, we went straight to the dentist instead of heading to the dfa office for our passport renewal appointment. i was trying to cancel our appointment around 3 a.m. to avoid problems in getting another appointment but the system would not allow cancellations anymore. anyway, back at the dentist’s, we were given the option to just extract the tooth or try to save it by doing a root canal. we had a lengthy discussion with the dentist, and eventually decided to just have the tooth extracted. still high on anesthesia, kim forgot to get his intellicare card from the dentist before we left the clinic, haha.

we had ice cream after and kim dropped our 10-peso change when we sat down at glorietta’s lobby to rest. the funny thing was kim was chasing the rolling coin when an elder lady picked it up and then pretended that nothing happened. kim stood in front of the lady but just ignored him. i know it was just 10 pesos but i just don’t like it when people take things that they know are not theirs, especially taking it in front of you and not caring. but oh well it was an old lady so i just let it slide.

moving on, i also had my first ballet class ever in my lifetime last friday at halili-cruz school of ballet. it took us two hours and 30 minutes to get there from makati, whew! it felt longer because the bus we rode had a very weak air conditioning system. anyway, the youngest of my classmates was a 17-year-old gymnast; while the oldest was a performing arts student/teacher of sorts 31-year-old. i made two friends for the day: armi, who reminds me so much of drea, and cherish, who like me was just doing trial classes.

flashback to our trip home, we got chased by a lady at the delta pedestrian overpass. the jeepney drivers in the area said that the lady was just acting like she was mentally-ill. she ignored the other passersby and cursed and pointed her finger at us. we don’t know the whole story to it but we were so afraid since she kept throwing anything she got a hold of at us; good thing she had bad aim.

other things that happened after that: walked all the way to west avenue, ate at mcdonald’s, rode the wrong jeepney, walked to the mrt station.

after everything that has happened we still had time left before our friday ends so we bought an aircon at shopwise before heading home. kim was so excited he insisted on installing it before sleeping even if we can’t use it until five hours later when the freon has ~recovered from the commute. as a result, i woke up early in the morning to a husband with a fever. thank god, after giving him bioflu, he was already okay when he woke up around 10 a.m. of saturday.

we stayed in for a while to experience our spanking new aircon, haha. it was our first appliance purchase as a married couple. boy, did that made us feel old. for the record, we got a relatively cheap 1hp gree unit at php11k. we can’t help but think about the amount’s equivalent number of dates, haha.

we left for my second trial ballet class around 3 p.m. and thinking that the commute will be faster this time because it was a saturday, we took a bus again. big mistake because it still took us more than two hours to reach quezon avenue. we were supposed to go to trinoma first to kill time but the commute already did that so we just had merienda at a shakey’s near the ballet school. we just went to trinoma after my class. and to add to the already eventful weekend we were having, the driver of the taxi we took drove us round and round quezon avenue and then all the way to quezon city circle before heading to trinoma. he just said he missed a turn and can’t find a u-turn slot. oh well.

to avoid the traffic, we decided to wait for the last trip of the mrt, which we missed by a minute, haha! so we ended taking the bus again. we were home shortly before midnight. to recuperate from everything, we woke up late on sunday. then i went to work; while kim did house chores the rest of the day.

when i got home from work, we started watching a new korean drama–flower boy next door–while having snacks, of course. we finished three episodes before deciding it was time to go to bed. before falling asleep, we talked about the eventful weekend that we had. and now, i just wrote all about it.

how was your weekend? :)


3 thoughts on “an eventful weekend

  1. Mahilig din ba si Armi mag-craft/mabilis ba syang magsalita? hahaha. One of the items in my bucket list is to help another person tick off an item/items in their bucket list–tell me if I can do anything to help you with your items! :)

    Happy to see you following your bliss! Yay!

    • haha! not sure if she’s also a crafter. we talked mostly about ballet lang e. parehas nga kayo magsalita, and yung aura and some gestures. hmmm… maybe you can help dye my hair pink? haha! ;)

      • Hehe sige! Gusto ko din ng pink hair, yung neon na masakit sa mata! Pero kelangan nating i-dye muna ng blonde yung hair mo para kumapit hehe :)

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