30 things before 30: #1 handstand

my original goal was to perfect my headstand before i’m 30. and by perfect i only mean that i can hold the pose longer so that my husband (a.k.a my official photographer, hehe) would not have to rush in taking my photo, haha! and i was able to perfect it during our extended honeymoon trip in boracay last december 2012–about two months before i turn 29–so i tweaked my goal a little: why not do a handstand before 30?

on march 28, 2013, we went to sabang beach in baler, aurora and as customary, i did a headstand for a souvenir photo. i did it perfectly (again, i have to stress that this is based only on my standards), confirming my self-assessment in boracay, so i thought it might be time to try the handstand.

thanks to beginner’s luck (and core training, i guess), i was able to go home with this photo as proof of my first accomplishment before i turn 30. handstand before 30


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