142nd-monthsary weekend

on friday, we had an early monthsary dinner date at krazy garlik in greenbelt 5. fridate

we had our favorite salad and aglio olio, nomnomnom. fridate food

kim also got me this lovely yellow summer dress from zara. fridate gift

on saturday, we enjoyed our road trip to alex’s first birthday party in laguna. i also wore my new wide brim hat from forever21, hihi. saturday roadtrip

on sunday, we had another road trip, this time to tagaytay. we were supposed to go on a beach daytrip but we woke up too late already so kim thought of just doing something else to escape the summer heat. i actually didn’t know where we were going until he turned at the star tollway entrance. sunday roadtrip

we took the talisay route to tagaytay, passing by the church where we got married and the resort where we had our reception, hehe. it was also our fifth wedding monthsary that day. as if knowing our trip’s mission, we were greeted by a heavy downpour, reminiscent of that one during our wedding reception as well, haha. we felt like talisay has been hoarding all the rain in batangas, haha. hello, rain!

but the rain suddenly disappeared when we reached the talisay-tagaytay road near taal view heights. we were admiring the view from atop when i saw this rainbow. it was weird looking down at a rainbow and then we felt giddy upon realizing that at that moment, we were literally somewhere over the rainbow. kim said that it was a the universe’s monthsary gift to us–both the rain and the rainbow because it had to rain first for us to see the rainbow. over the rainbow

we headed to our favorite place in tagaytay–the cliffhouse. fave tagaytay place

it was almost sunset when we got there and the taal lake and volcano was such a peaceful sight.taal lake and volcano

we ate at our favorite buon giorno! caffe & bistro. we had pesto pasta because our favorite spinaci ravioli was not available, new york pizza, and tiramisu. buon giorno dinner

since our last visit in 2011, there are now more white benches and rocking chairs placed at the viewing deck of cliffhouse. here we are sitting on one of them while enjoying the view. benches

the garden lights have just been turned on when we were about to leave. looks enchanted, right? cliffhouse

we stopped by nuvali and paseo de sta rosa on our way home. we were not able to find anything to buy so here is a photo of a random tree at paseo, haha. wala lang. a tree at paseo de roxas

a well-spent monthsary weekend, don’t you think? i wonder what’s in store for me/us this weekend, hmmm… happy weekend, y’all!

p.s. today is thealkimis.net‘s first anniversary. show some love and go visit. thanks! ^_^


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