three alarms, three dreams

i set three alarms in my phone for when i don’t feel like waking up early. i was dreaming about my high school when my phone alarmed at 7 a.m. this morning. i don’t remember much about the dream except that i was dreaming about the old building–the one with rooms separated by collapsible wooden dividers. i willed myself to sleep again.

this time i had a dream about a room that i have never been to in real life. but like our old high school building, it also had collapsible wooden dividers. i was with my research siblings and we were all sitting on the floor because there were no chairs inside the room. next door was an apparel shop and i spotted a pair of red and white hello kitty house slippers on the floor.

i was awaken when my phone alarmed at 8 a.m. but i went back to sleep. this time i was with kim in my dream. we passed by a flea market and i saw a girl shoplifting from every stall we passed by. the same girl. in every stall. eventually, the girl realized that i saw what she was doing. and she threatened to take my mobile phone just in case i was planning to tell the police. she walked close beside me to fish out my phone from the left side pocket of my shorts. i pulled my phone from her and asked her why she would bother to take my old ugly phone. she let go of the phone and walked away. i then turned to kim at my right side and told him what happened as if he wasn’t there all along.

we then reached a boat terminal and i finally asked kim where we are going. and he told me that “we were going back.” the last trip for that station was at 5:30 p.m. but when he checked his watch it was 6:25 p.m. already. “we missed it,” i told him. but he said it was okay because we can just catch a bus instead.

we passed by a tunnel and i suddenly felt kim’s presence disappear so i stopped and turned back. true enough, kim was nowhere in sight. a bystander caught my eyes and told me not only to just walk ahead but to even walk faster. but i didn’t. i searched the crowd until kim emerged walking toward me. he asked why i didn’t follow what the guy on the street told me. i said that i didn’t want to go without him. why would i follow a stranger, anyway? but kim said that he told the stranger to tell that to me.

i don’t know why he said that but we continued to walk and upon reaching the end of the tunnel i saw my high school friend meg. she looked just like when i first met her in high school. she was even wearing our uniform. i asked what she was doing there but she just smiled. i also asked her why she was wearing our uniform but she just smiled at me again. when i turned to talk to kim, he wasn’t there anymore.

meg then pointed at a group of people at a corner saying that i know all of them. i scanned the group and spotted arthur, a classmate of mine from elementary, and ann may, reyna and karen, all from my high school. there were some unrecognizable faces. beside them were wrapped gifts and a cake. from the sidewalk, i saw portia also wearing our high school uniform. she told me to sit down and watch. from the tunnel emerged a fashion show but the models were all puppets. i was entertained because it was something new. and then there was a slideshow presentation and i suddenly felt sleepy.

my eyes were already closed when i heard portia tell our classmates that i have fallen asleep. her voice was cheerful instead of offended. but i wanted to open my eyes to be polite and explain that i was just really sleepy and ask them to look for kim so we can go home. but my eyes just won’t open until my phone alarmed for the third time at 9 a.m.

i finally decided to wake up.


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