a’s 1st birthday party

kim and i attended my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party at belzer resort in pansol of calamba, laguna last saturday. i was excited about going because a is my goddaughter and i can’t believe just how fast the past 12 months went by. check her out looking so grownup in her gown, which was a birthday gift from her grandparents.lady alex

it was a poolside party and the weather could not have been any better. summer babies are hoarding all the fun parties, haha. poolside fun

before a’s grand entrance to get the party started, we had some time to catch up. she told me she’s been dying to take a dip in the pool already but her dad said no, hehe. i tried to console her with candies but she was more interested with the cup. ninang almi & baby alex

her toes curled as she pointed to the swimming pool. so cute! little toes

aside from the pool, a also loves the birthday song. she was all too happy when the guests sang her the birthday song, she even clapped along. after the song followed one of the highlights of birthday parties–the blowing of the candle. baby had some help from her dad and mom. alex's first candle

there was also a colorful pabitin, a requisite at filipino children parties. ang pabitin, bow.

a had first dibs and she immediately reached out for the sketch pad. could she be thinking of following the footsteps of her writer mom? of course, it is too early to tell. good job, alex!

the kids had so much fun at the pool and later at the magic show and games hosted by the party clown. magic show

as for the adults, i guess they enjoyed the lechon most. god bless their arteries.lechon

a was able to enjoy the pool the rest of the afternoon, in between entertaining guests. what a great host, right? good job, baby. pool happy

oh and i hope all the guests appreciated my friend’s diy projects as much as we did. we should really make money with our diy skills someday, hehe.

happy birthday

letter cutouts

monthly alex

photo wall


decorated initial

round table setup

diy cups for sweets and brownie stand per table

brownies and sweets

round table setup

rectangular table setup

rectangular table setup

birthday cake

diy cake toppers


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