reading challenge

i have not finished reading any book for months now. i started reading the over easy by jasper fforde late last year and it has been left untouched on my desk in the office since. around the same time, i also started reading milan kundera’s the unbearable lightness of being but somehow i never got past chapter 12.

early this year, i tried reading e-books again. and by again, i mean i’ve been really trying to shift from actual paper books to digital files but i’m still yet to finish my first e-book. i am currently on page 81 out of 179 of benjamin hoff’s the tao of pooh. the most progress i’ve made with an e-book to date.

i checked my to-be-read pile from november 2012 and i figured that i should try to finish at least one book a month in order for me to be done with everything by my next birthday. something to add to my before 30 list, haha.20130412-102238.jpg
i wanted to start with haruki murakami’s 1q84 because his new novel is already out. but i think the book is too thick for me to finish it by month’s end. maybe i should just continue reading the over easy or the unbearable lightness of being first. wish me luck!


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