making lists

i just love making lists and yesterday i suddenly thought of making one for things i would like to do before i turn 30. it should be easy if i made that list when i was 20 or 25, but with less than 10 months before i hit 30, it was hard. not because i have nothing to do with my life anymore but because i realized that i have done most of the things that i think i would want or need to do before i am 30–like cut class, learn to drive, get drunk, have a passport and actually use it, get married, or have a real tattoo. i was both happy and sad about this. happy, because it made me feel like i spent my years well. but sad that i just could not finish the list, haha! i still want to finish the list. and maybe i should also start making a list of things to do before i am 40 or 50. let’s see if that would be easier.


One thought on “making lists

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