my holy week 2013

holy monday was core training day, while holy tuesday and wednesday were zumba days. i consider these workout days null and void, after i had mcdonald’s cheeseburger meal for dinner on wednesday. just like that… goodbye, beach body! huhu.

maundy thursday. time for the annual summer getaway with my research siblings and friends. this year we went surfing at baler, aurora. it was my second time to try surfing–the first one was in la union in 2008. i can now paddle and control my board on my own. for details on this trip, my friend kate has a very informative blog post here, which will be very useful for those who plan to go to baler.

sabang beach waves

sabang beach waves

surfer boy kim

surfer boy kim (thanks to jayvie for taking this photo)

surfer girl moi

surfer girl moi (thanks to jayvie for taking this photo)

maundy thursday group 2013

maundy thursday group 2013: alexis, ate abi, jayvie, jaycee, marielle, ana, moi, kim, schatzi, kate, drea, cy, christian

good friday. it has been my tradition to do the stations of the cross at mt makulot in cuenca, batangas every holy week with kim. for the past two years, we have been doing the climb in the afternoon to avoid the usual huge crowd in the morning. this is our first climb as a married couple, yihee.

at mt makulot's grotto

at mt makulot’s grotto

we also did bisita iglesia with my family later in the evening. kim and i caught the moonrise at brgy bungahan on our way to san jose, batangas.

clockwise: with my nieces, the moonrise, our last church-stop

clockwise: with my nieces (check out their poses, haha!), the moonrise, our last church-stop

black saturday. i had an early nature trip with kim, his sister and brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and his auntie to a spring in lalayat, san jose. but we decided not to swim because there were too many people. i also did not take a photo of the “beauty pool” because it was hard to appreciate its beauty when it’s literally overflowing with swimmers.

hidden spring

hidden spring

later in the afternoon, we headed to alitagtag with my family to go swimming. we discovered noni’s mountain resort, which has a view of the taal volcano and lake, and mt makulot.

view-tiful ^_^

from beauty-pool to view-tiful

we arrived before sunset, and the rest of the evening was spent eating, videokeing, and of course, swimming.

missing my brother, sis-in-law, and nieces

missing my brother, sis-in-law, and nieces

kim and i also enjoyed being lazy in these swings. we also had a quick table tennis match behind the lounge area.

can i take this one home?

can i take this one home?

easter sunday. i went to another nature trip with kim and his sister to lumampao in cuenca, batangas. lumampao is at least 1,500 steps below the main road of brgy don juan. it was my second time to go there–the first one was also with kim, i think in 2006.

worth the steps

worth the steps

early morning exercise

early morning exercise/adventure

in summary, a blessed holy week. i was able to have some fun, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones. being with nature (i can’t believe i didn’t go to the mall for a week!) also helped me reflect on my life through the life and suffering of jesus christ.

so, how was your holy week?


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